Frequently Asked Questions

The primary aim of Deedok is to build a web store consist of all the tools you need to develop a unique online presence. We take care of the nitty-gritty stuff so that our customers focus on their area of expertise and pursue their business prospects. Our commitment is visible in our every endeavor. Deedok aims to help our clients build their personalized web store and help them reach the pinnacle of success in business.

What is MY COMPANY Web Store design?

We at Deedok present ourselves as your companion in your business. We can provide you with a highly elegant, aesthetically pleasing, and sophisticated website that perfectly represents your brand. We strive to cater to every individual who wants to achieve success in their business by developing a customized website as per their unique requirements. We take the load off of the entrepreneurs by making sure they don’t have to worry about the technicalities of running a beautiful website so that they can focus on expanding their business. Our team of seasoned professionals at Deedok is eager to create a custom web store for our clients to provide a personalized experience to their prospective customers. We make sure to work closely with our clients to ensure that the web store/website we develop suits our client’s business prospects and remains financially viable. We assist our clients in creating a website as per their wish to incorporate innovative ideas and reflect their brand in the way they want it to be. We provide a little bit of extra personalized touch in every project, which sets us apart from all the others and makes us a leader in the IT web development industry.

How do MY COMPANY Web Store design work?

It all starts with an idea. Once you have an idea, our team of professionals at Deedok can help you combine your vision with the actions in the right direction so you can achieve the success that you desire. As a company, we follow the philosophy of making the best product or service for our client that incorporates all the best elements. Our team of experts set out to work on the project as soon as you provide us with the essential requirements regarding the layout, graphics, content, and other minute details for your website. We can also incorporate design elements from a ready-made template into your website to give it a more personalized look per your needs. If you choose to go with our Delux Web Store design, our team can create an elegant and highly sophisticated set of text and images that can span across various web pages on your website. Our team has experienced experts who understand how crucial of a role elegance plays in an e-commerce website. Therefore, we push ourselves to create an interactive, visually appealing, and an easy-to-use website. We incorporate all visual and practical importance elements in the website design to provide a product that caters to almost every need of our client.

Will I be able to see my website before completion?

We at Deedok ensure that the website you want will have all the elements that you require. To stern our commitment, we provide a monthly half-an-hour update on your website’s progress, so you can see how the project is coming along. Our policy is to work closely with our clients so they can get the best product for the money they spend. We also provide you with a forum (Built-in Design Manager) to register the changes you want us to incorporate in the website. We try to communicate with our clients because it helps us to provide them with a personalized product as per their needs. You will get notified once we make the requested changes, and the website is ready for review. We also provide powerful marketing tools to our customers. These tools are like icing on the cake as they help our client promote their business and expand their reach.

What happens when my Web Store is complete?

Deedok gives a monthly half-an-hour update to keep your website fresh and vivid. Tinkering with the website makes it up to date and keep it in the excellent working condition. You can also ask our team of professional experts to swap images, change text, or incorporate other changes in your website. We also let our clients request changes and updates through the Design Manager, and we set these changes on the website. When your website gets published, it becomes effortless to make minor changes and updates on your own. Using the tools provided by us, our clients can make the necessary updates and changes to the website without needing our professional help. But, for more significant alterations, our expert team is always ready to help our clients. Deedok always strives to provide timely redressal to every technical problem regarding the web store. For the general support and maintenance, we provide monthly updates in which our team will incorporate all the requested changes to the website as per the clients’ desire.

What should I do once I have purchased Web Store Design?

Once you purchase the custom online store, you will need to login to your account to initiate an interactive online interview session. This interactive session will provide our clients with the opportunity to interact with our team of professionals who will be helping them build their custom website. When interacting with our team, you can tell them about your requirements regarding the web store. Our expert team will follow up on your requests during the interview to provide you with the best possible experience. You will have the ability to put the interview on hold at any time as per your needs. You can use this session to clear all your doubts and queries you have about the website. At the end of the interactive interview session, our team will ask you to provide contact details for further communication. We will use the communication mode that you provide to relay all the necessary information and future session schedules. Our experts’ team will communicate with you throughout the project to inform you about the progress and take your feedback to make the necessary changes.