deedok delivers retailers a user-friendly interface that successfully has flawless retail experiences. To keep up with the progressive trends and transforming customer needs, we update our software and offer you a smooth and straightforward way of billing with continuous data synchronization.


Leaving the dependence on traditional modes and tools for retail solutions, we are with progressive relation solutions software. With the proper utilization of interactive applications and software technologies, we can help ease your functions to a whole new level with a seamless in-store experience from the customer's side.


Our Software solutions pertaining to Retail provide end- to-end support to retailers worldwide. We collaborated with a retail business to revamp customer interactions, build the digital store, increase customer engagement via mobility for retail and streamline the supply chain process.

Retail Consulting

Our software passes the eligibility to identify improvements, define complex problems, and offer integrated one-stop retail solutions.

Integration with Third-Party Systems

Our software solution is accessible and user-friendly. Our developers made it by integrating custom apps with third-party systems, including enterprise resource planning, e-commerce platforms, and others.

Retail Software Development

We are offering you Omni channel and exclusive shopping experience for connected channels at reasonable rates.

Mobile Solutions for Consumers and Retailers

Our mobile solutions will help increase efficiency for your store while offering an engaging customer experience. Our software consists of mobile-enabled retail software solutions.