Privacy Policy

The company establishes that the privacy of client is of utmost importance to us. We always try to maintain confidentiality of client details. The privacy policy applies to all the products provided by the company. The company maintains strict policy of client privacy in all services provided by the company to clients.

Collection of Information

We have a system to collect user information when a person registers with the company. The company checks out client information during usage of our products and services when you visit webpages of our partners. It should also be established that we may also obtain information provided by our partners so as to provide a better experience as our clients. This maintains a good quality of service which is not only excellent service but also continuous quality service. You are not anonymous to us when you sign in to our services. The company automatically receive and record information from your system and browser including your IP address, cookie information, software and hardware attributes, the page requested and other standard browser parameters.

A cookie or often more than one is sent to you which contains a small file containing a string of characters. This is sent therein so as to uniquely identify the browser. This information then passes to us. The cookie is used by us to improve the quality of service rendered to the client and also improves client interface with us. We also use this cookie to store user preferences, tracking user trends, and providing a better experience to the user who in turn is benefitted by our seamless quality service which incorporates total quality management in each and every aspect of performance delivery. We may set one or more cookies in your browser in case of you’re using our services or the services of our partner. The company may retain your messages in order to process your inquiries, respond to your requests, and improve our services.

We do the same also in the case when you publish content, post material, transmit information or email through our services. We have a well built and extensive infrastructure which consists of servers deployed at multiple places and there is a wide network of data centers which work in tandem. These are either owned or operated by us or our partners in which we deliver quality service to each and every client. All information that is collected from the client resides either with us or our partners and this implies a better experience of service for our clients.

Use of Information

We have the rule to use and process only personal information for the sole purposes described here in the privacy policy of our company. Further, such purposes are also:

  • Communication by the company with the clients
  • Felicitating the use by the client by eliminating redundancy of information. In other words, the client doesn’t has to enter same data time and again.
  • Providing matchless, excellent and quality services to our clients.
  • Auditing, research and analysis of data provided in order to maintain, protect and improve data delivery to our clients.
  • It also maintains technical functioning of the network provided by the company.
  • It also helps to protect not only user information but also company information so as to maintain quality service delivery.
  • It maintains the functioning of company in an excellent manner by developing new services in order to provide better services to the customer.
  • These terms are described in terms and policies of each service and also you may find it in Customer Master Agreement.
No-Spam Policy

The company maintains the policy of a strict NO-SPAM policy in all our dealings with the customer. The company never uses any data to send spam. The company also maintains rigorous policy of not selling any contact information to third party. The company never allows any breach of privacy or user information in any case and this is done with utmost sophistication and care in our mission to provide quality service to the customer.

Choices for Personal Information

The company asks for your personal information when you sign up for a particular service that requires registration. We also maintain the policy to intimate our clients when we use user information in a manner different than other purposes defined herein and in the same manner inform the client about the same. Most browsers have the feature of accepting cookies but one can also reset a browser to refuse all cookies or to notify the browser when a cookie is being sent. Although, it may happen that some of our services may not work properly in the case cookies are disabled. So, we may not be in a position to deliver some of our features and services in the case it is disabled. However, the client is at liberty to decline personal information at his own will but it may result into nonfunctioning of some of the services provided to the client by the company.

Information Sharing

We only share personal information of the customer with other companies or individuals in the following limited manner in whatsoever condition, it may take place only if we have the consent of the client for the same effect.

We share customer information to our partners, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, trusted business partners or other persons for their use only for using personal information of our clients on our behalf for a better and speedy work and this improves the quality of work provided by the company to the customer. We also maintain that these parties agree to use such information in the aforesaid manner which maintains strict congruity with the Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions of our users in a particular manner. A strict feature of our work is that we maintain strict confidentiality and security measures while dealing with our customers in our daily services. This sets us apart from other peers and truly make us a leader in the arena of IT services.

We have a conviction that access, usage, preservation or disclosure of such information is necessary herein to:

  • (a) Comply with any legal, writ, governmental request, regulation of the information provided by the user.
  • (b) Terms of policies which are necessarily enforceable including investigation of potential thereof
  • (c) Detection, prevention, stoppage of any misuse of personal information of the client.
  • (d) Address technical faults or any other breach of security by any agency.

Protect the rights of privacy of the client from any fraud, misuse or harm to the rights, property, and safety of the user as required or permitted by the law.

We reserve the right to share certain non-personal information in any non-aggravated form such as demographic details of the user. The client must not bother as these information does not have any innocuous effect on the privacy of the user and also it helps to maintain better quality of service.

Information Security

We have a strong management system of personal data, its storage and prevent from any unauthorized or malice intentions of any user. There is also a management for alteration, destruction or storage of data. These measures include internal reviews of data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures. There are also physical security measures so as to guard against any unauthorized access to private information and also to guard against any fraudulent measure with malice intentions. Therefore, a strong personal data management system of our users is in currency which helps not only in better delivery of services but also proper management of user information to maintain confidentiality of our users.

The company restricts the access of information to its employees, contractors and agents who maintain utmost care while handling personal data. These personnel need to know data in order to operate, develop and maintain services which are enhanced in quality and services. The clients need to be assured as these personnel are bound by professional obligation and face a risk of criminal prosecution if they breach the confidentiality of data at any juncture of time. Thus, there is a hassle free service delivery system wherein the client rests assured about the information safety of its data.

We also have a policy to correct your data if found to be inaccurate in our databases and a speedy redress of any issue that arises with the user. The company maintains that the privacy policy may change from time to time as per the need of the hour. The company always strives towards a speedy, accurate and hassle free access to data. The quality service provided by the company is of paramount importance which sets it apart from any other PRIVACY POLICY

The company establishes that the privacy of client is of utmost importance to us. We always try to maintain confidentiality of client details. The privacy policy applies to all the products provided by the company. The company maintains strict policy of client privacy in all services provided by the company to clients.