deedok Pvt. Ltd. offers a host of services relating to each and every segment of Travel Solutions.

deedok offers a host of services relating to every segment of Travel solutions. Our global talent pool of professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of the travel and hospitality sector. Our team offers the clients the required skills to achieve and excel in their business goals. We offer vast experience, the best services, and precise insights to assist travel and hospitality companies achieve efficiency in their business operations.

Online Booking Solutions

Navigation Apps

Taxi Hailing Apps

Hospitality Operations

Online booking solutions

We aim to enhance your customers’ engagement with the help of online booking solutions offering quick and responsive services. For a better customer experience, we also offer a localized list of hotels or restaurants with an interactive and efficient map for customers to view online. Our services also include online flight bookings.

We are here to help you captivate your customers in real-time with well-developed mobile applications offering convenient tools and intuitive travel information.

Navigation apps

Navigation Apps

Our navigation apps make it very easy for travelers to find relevant tourists and other vital locations in any specific city. We analyze the traveler search data and help locate tourist hotspots by engaging in travel evaluation.

As an essential part of our analytics service, we generate a heat map of tourists’ feedback across various locations and visualize it on an interactive map.

Taxi-hailing Apps

We offer your customers better options to stay and eat and take care of the commutation from one place to the other. Our developers master the art of developing taxi-hailing apps to make the traveling part easy.

Taxi-hailing apps

Hospitality operations

To boost the hospitality operations, we provide optimized location-based searches with relevant information to the travelers so that they do not feel dissatisfied with the hospitality operations. Our effective navigation apps will increase the chances of spreading the word of mouths and improve our clients.