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I found working with DeedOk a very enjoyable experience. Great staff and always there if you needed them. I had no idea how to write a good article so got in touch with DeedOk, they were brilliant, every article was meticulous and got the message across to our target market.
Geoffrey V. Webb
I will use them again and again, great communication, results and good articles
Clayton Cline
We have been working with DeedOk for about a year now and we have been very impressed. They look after many areas of SEO and have provided some very positive results at very reasonable costs which is great
Daphne V. Harvey
We have been working with DeedOk for about 6 months now. Although we had a rough start, eventually they turned things around with great communication, let us understand how SEO works, the steps that need to be taken and exceptional customer services. Since then, we are enjoying working with the team.
Walker Freeman
We get great services which also reflect in solid results. Since we started working with DeedOk, we clearly can observe growth in organic traffic and rankings moving higher every month. Hoping that we will work with them on the long term. Thank you for all you have done for us.
Charde Becker
Really helpful and honest service. Will be working with these guys again in the future.
Grant U. Santos
Noticed a very big difference in sales since switching over with these guys, Very pleased with their work and constant communications and updates.
Edan T. Robertson
Very good communication with Claire Hall - have seen noticeable improvements in a short time. Would certainly recommend!
Edan D. Reed
We have been working with them for a year now and we will definitely keep on using their service. The work they did on our website is excellent and we could not be more grateful.
Amity U. Church
Our experience with DeedOk has been definitely an extremely positive one! These guys are always helpful and available for any question, doubt or advice.
Griffin I. Stevenson