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Very quick response and helpful, basically just fixed the issue for me without much input from myself.
Neil Levy
Excellent customer support. Best I have received from a hosting company. Always reply to tickets in a matter of minutes.
Nigel I. Shelton
Very fast, courteous, efficient and helpful support for a low-priority support call. Restores your faith in technical support organisations.
Whilemina S. Melendez
Always go above and beyond, very prompt response as well.
Aline Collins
Fast responding, excellent level of service.
David A. Holland
Good value webhosting service with rapid and effective technical support. Technical problems are usually addressed and solved within minutes.
Zeus W. Elliott
I would highly recommend DeedOk Web Hosting as their services are excellent and their customer service is second to none!
Blossom W. Calderon
Ben sorted out my problem with professionalism, speed, and competency. I'm 100% satisfied!
Tanek Goodman
As always, competent, courteous and quick to respond.
Stacey Martin
Changed web host a few months ago as my last one was extortionately priced, everything changed over and working fine.
Dana Bryant