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Attendance Management System

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deedok Pvt. Ltd. offers the best attendance management system. An accurate attendance & time tracking system helps you save effort and time calculating your employees’ working hours. It is the application you use to document the time your employees work and the time they take off.

Basic $200.00
Advance $500.00
Pro $800.00
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Price List

Features Basic Advance Pro
Price $200 $500 $800
Free Setup Assistance Yes Yes Yes
Employees Upto 10 Upto 20 Upto 50*
Previous Record Upto 3 Months Upto 6 Months Upto 1 Year
Email Support** Yes Yes Yes
Chat Support** No Yes Yes
Phone Support** No No Yes
Live 24/7 Support*** No No No
  • * More employees can be added at additional cost
  • ** Standard Support is only available during working hours
  • *** Live 24/7 Support is availabe for all categoreis at additional cost

17 reviews for Attendance Management System

  1. Avatar

    Chris white

    It’s the ultimate software to manage employees’ attendance and it is very easy to operate with user-friendly functionalities.

  2. Avatar

    Ethan White

    This software is very helpful for us, through this we managed all the Employees Attendance of our company

  3. Avatar

    Alan Mock

    AMS is the only platform that has complete Timesheet capabilities that allow tracking Client & Project hours. And it comes completely integrated with Leaves, Time & Attendance.

  4. Avatar

    Malson Smith

    This portal saves time and easy to access all sections of the software.

  5. Avatar


    Time and Attendance System tracks working hours and schedule hassle free time. By calculating actual hours worked, overtime, paid leave balance, and more, these systems ensure that your employees are properly compensated for their time. I used this or it was very helpfull for me.

  6. Avatar

    Andrew Hall

    I have purchased Screen Tracking Software from the deedok Company and it’s very easy to purchase. This product is very useful for me and my Company.

  7. Avatar


    the product that they offer us is very low in price and very useful.

  8. Avatar

    Jake Smith

    Using it from last couple of months now, really easy to use and affordable…Recommended

  9. Avatar

    Jake Smith

    Using it from months now, really easy to use and affordable…Recommended

  10. Avatar

    tom den

    The attendance management system is the best product for tracking attendance. It provides accurate and reliable data regarding attendance.

  11. Avatar

    Logan smith

    Low in price and easy to understand the working of the software.

  12. Avatar

    Albert Musk

    I used a register or pen before purchasing an advance plan. Nowadays I can manage all attendance data or employees’ leaves, working time and many kind of features.

  13. Avatar


    Attendance Tracking Software To Better Manage Your Team. best attendance management system !

  14. Avatar

    David J. Carlson

    The Product that they offer us is very useful for the company and offers a reasonable price.

  15. Avatar

    Sophia Adams

    I would like to say this is excellent software for all of us. An employee can quickly check their attendance.

  16. Avatar

    Allan Reed

    Easy to use attendance management software and cheap in price.

  17. Avatar

    Emily Tretyak

    It is very easy to purchase Screen Tracking Software from the deedok Company. My company and I find this product very useful.

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