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employee management system

Employee Management System

deedok provides the most efficient employee management system. Our system helps the employees achieve their goals towards the growth of the organization. deedok’s employee management system is the best tool to guide and manage employees' efforts. 

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Attendance Management System

deedok Pvt. Ltd. offers the best attendance management system. An accurate attendance & time tracking system helps you save effort and time calculating your employees' working hours. It is the application you use to document the time your employees work and the time they take off. 

Get the best attendance management system with deedok.

attendance management system
payroll management system

Payroll Management System

Your worry about looking for payroll expertise is removed when you outsource deedok's payroll management software. We are bound to deliver our software with commitment and dedication. Contact us today and get this special payroll management software for your company.

Work Report Management System

deedok's work report management software can handle the performance of the employees, management, and tracking of tasks in one place rather than requiring multiple apps. Tasks for the entire team can be efficiently planned and laid out in a user-friendly format. Get in touch with deedok today to get this outstanding software.

Work Report Management System
screen tracking software

Screen Tracking Software

deedok provides the best screen tracking software, which is great for monitoring the work assigned to the employees and interns. You could see all the tasks assigned to the employees, what has been completed, and what needs to be done to ensure proper work management. Hurry up! Get this software today for your company.

Chat-bot Software

deedok presents the best Chat-bot software for all types of industries. We help B2B, and B2C service providers engage with their customers efficiently. Our budget-friendly Chat-bot software helps you save time and considerably increases your ROI. 

Our Chat-bot software reduces overhead costs, uses support staff time better, and enables businesses to provide customer support services during non-business hours. 

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Chat bot Software
Email Management System

Email Management System

deedok will soon launch an Email management system. Our Email management will be specially designed to manage high volumes of inbound electronic mail received by organizations. Our E-mail management system will help you reply to, send, track, and organize emails. 

Contact us now to get the best Email management services.

deedok Freelance Portal

deedok is going to launch its Freelance portal soon! At the deedok freelance portal, we will help organizations and freelancers connect with each other. We will enable everyone to get their needs fulfilled from the comfort of their homes. 

If you are also a freelancer or an owner of an organization, be ready to avail the highest benefits with deedok Freelance Portal.

Freelance Portal