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In today’s competitive time, when the web presence drives businesses across the world, you need to rethink the ‘set it and forget it’ approach for your existing business website. In today’s time, web standards are much higher than ever, and the custom web development process thrives with new improvements. Hence, older websites are now not in a position of competing with up-to-date ones. Moreover, if your website is a few years old, it is somewhat out of sync, keeping in view the current criteria for a useful website.

What purpose does your website serve to your business?

Today, it’s essential for business owner’s to understand the importance of their website. You can leverage your web presence as an excellent tool to connect with customers, build credibility from scratch, and capture more business. Understanding you have a problem but not knowing where to start is expected. Because of this common challenge, we have created seven quick reasons why you should consider a redesign. Nowadays, it is worth considering many factors while developing or redesigning a website and keeping changing business requirements in mind for web developers. Due to the frequent evolution of the best website practices, your existing website may not prove useful in gathering traffic or generating leads, which is a significant function. The revamping of your website requires a focus on this function and helps you get a successful website by following seven aspects:
  1. User-friendly Layout
In the mobile-dominated scenario, responsive web design is the norm. But that’s not all. The layout of your website should spotlight your brand while focussing on a specific set of audiences. If your web design is not user-friendly, then chances are fairer that the users will never return after visiting it once. Web design is also one of the determining factors for SEO and digital marketing. It is better to take the help of experienced web developers who are experts in using technological advancements to attract prospective customers. Even if your existing website looks excellent, it has no use if it hasn’t the proper structural components, including metadata and redirects. Search engines may penalize such websites with lower rankings.
  1. Enhanced Safety
Today, online threats have grown in both volume and complexity. Hence, it would be best if you gave security the utmost priority. In recent times botnet (also known as a zombie army) has emerged to be one of the biggest cyber threats. Botnets can automatically detect vulnerable websites and take over such websites at blazing speed. One way to protect your website from such online attacks is through an SSL certificate (HTTPS) that encrypts the search traffic and shields your users against such attacks. Moreover, an SSL certificate is your ticket to get a higher ranking for a website because search engines prefer SSL-certified websites.
  1. Routine Maintenance of the website
The website maintenance services include integrating security upgrades and new features on your website. You can get your website reviewed for plug-ins, modules, and software to keep it up and running. As older websites have limited options for implementing changes, it is better to update them with evolving Internet trends. Regular Maintenance can enable your business site to work seamlessly across the devices and offer a pleasant user experience.
  1. Flawless Performance
Have you ever pondered over your website’s page load time? You must be aware of how fast it opens and how well it is ready for heavy-traffic days. It would be best if you were well-versed with Standard performance improvements, including optimizing images, editing cache, and fixing bad requests while using a Content Delivery Network (CDN). People do not love slow loading websites, and as they go through a lot of websites in a day, mere extra five seconds can make them hop on to a different website.
  1. Rich Resources
For enticing and retaining existing and new customers alike, a resource-rich website is helpful. But, you need to get reviewed your existing website for functionalities before that. If you have a website with complex eCommerce portals, you need more resources, particularly during traffic spikes. Even an informational website requires useful resources for attracting people. It is also worth opting for a load testing of your website after reviewing the functionality and then making decisions about allocating extra resources.
  1. Captivating Content
For your website’s success, high-quality content can play a vital role. Engaging content can encourage conversions apart from empowering SEO and digital marketing campaign. Old websites have a few pages to describe company information, but it’s not sufficient. To attract, engage, and educate users, you need to regularly update the content in this challenging business scenario. Most businesses prefer using robust Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, etc. because they offer website owners enough flexibility to edit and maintain content.
  1. SEO-friendly Site
Have you ever compared your existing website to a current website? If no, then now is the time. You will find quite different SEO ranking for them. As search engines have become smarter and more precise in ranking with time, and Google brings updates now and then, you have to make your website SEO-friendly for gaining a higher rank. You need to keep pace with the current SEO trends and update your website to improve your website’s visibility.

When to go for a Website Redesign?

Security, SEO, and content updates should be executed at least monthly, in most cases. Your website must be a safe place for you and your visitors, and content needs to be precise and updated. You can perform usability and effectiveness updates during an annual website audit. Design and additional updates, such as a design refresh, are recommended every 2 to 3 years. Although, that can be a long time in terms of technological advances.

Final words

Many business houses are still dubious about updating their older websites. Any low-cost web redesign solutions cannot serve your purpose of getting noticed on the web, and you may end up with less visibility and less traffic that can negatively impact your RoI. Remember, your business website’s appearance and performance can make or mar your company’s web presence, and you need to update it regularly to stay ahead of the curve.

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