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What is needed for your app to make it successful? You’d say that the rave reviews by the target users on Google Play or App Store show your apps’ acceptance. Isn’t it? You can consider many other factors like quality coding, using the best mobile app development technologies to deliver a quality mobile app. But that is not enough to make an app a ‘Success.’ However, it is the UI/UX aspects in mobile app design services (that is a springboard) that makes a successful mobile app. Businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to enterprises, tend toward having a custom Android mobile app or iOS app developed for their businesses. It is because the world and its people are going mobile. Google reports a stunning fact about the usage of mobile. It depicts that the number of mobile app downloads will reach up to 353 billion a year by 2021. It brings enormous responsibilities to the top mobile app development companies, prioritizing the mobile app design process before starting the coding process. The focus stays on the mobile app UI/UX design services and strategy. Most of the predicaments after the app delivery are a result of design issues only.

What is UI Design in a Mobile App?

UI stands for User Interface. A mobile app UI design presents the app’s looks and feels when a user uses or interacts. Business-oriented UI design services mainly focus on giving an easy-to-use, appealing, and engaging user interface considering the mobile application’s target users. UI designers must brainstorm and understand the customer’s business goals and target audience to analyze the graphic design to make it relevant and user-friendly. In brief, UI in a mobile app is what users utilize to interact or engage.

What is UX Design in a Mobile App?

UX stands for User Experience. Your brand image relies a lot on UX design. The prime focus of UX designers is to build a platform using graphic designs that provide the best experience to the target audiences. UX designers also need to collaborate with UI designers to research and gather information, understand business goals, and target customers to illustrate and present the most relevant graphical designs to boost app experience. UX design services include a roadmap that shows a user’s journey through the web app or mobile app. Therefore, UX in a mobile app is what users feel while they access it. It is all about the emotions of the users.

Significance of 5E Design Model for Mobile App Design Success

It’s important for the UI/UX designers to work with the 5E experience design model’s core concept, explained later below. Whether it is to design a module in a large mobile app or a small scale mobile app development project, UI/UX designers can apply this model to the thought process. Before hopping on the plate of the 5E design model, the UI/UX design team creates ‘High Concept,’ which helps create curiosity and engagement from the user’s perspective. After completing this part, it’s essential to start building the experience with all the touchpoints where the UI/UX design team participants will interact with their experiences.


It’s essential to understand the core factor that captures user attention and awareness to feel the experience.


Creating a user journey that users will go through while entering the app experience and passing the process from one context to the next.


An interactive, appealing, and user-friendly cluster of activities with which users will engage and experience a simplified journey.


It denotes a subtle yet straightforward ending of the design experience for the users.


The UI/UX designers can think of something unique to send to customers to enhance customer retention and loyalty. By implementing the versatile 5E experience design model, we can increase a mobile application’s success. Because there are user perceptions and experiences involved by the expert UI/UX designers, all the complexities and other design issues are bound to get nullified in time.

Factors Involved in a Successful Mobile App Design

UI & UX Can’t be Compromised Individually.

It is reasonable to say that delivering a great UI to mobile applications is not enough to please the customers after learning about UI and UX. UI also includes the app’s overall functionality, which involves many design sprint practices to craft a perfect UI for any mobile app. Having a great UX but an average UI will not help. Hence, UI and UX designers need to team up and create engaging yet beautiful user experiences through a strategic mobile app design process.

What are a Design Sprint Process and its importance?

Design Sprint signifies the process for understanding and answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with users. It helps mobile app development companies and mobile app developers to gain a clear vision of the goals upfront. It helps in making crucial decisions beforehand and to solve complex problems faster. As a result, strategic UI/UX design thinking can automatically save time and development costs.

A Great User Experience is Essential for the Success of Mobile Applications

Any mobile app’s success depends on the overall mobile app experience and how a user feels about it. Customer experience can skyrocket the success of any mobile apps. We all use many mobile applications, and we keep recommending those apps to our friends and family. All these reactions are a result of our very first interaction with a mobile application. That’s where the importance of strategic UI/UX design services comes into the picture and plays a crucial role.

Meeting User Needs for Complete Customer Satisfaction

Business owners must analyze and implement strategies to know your customer needs. It is needless to depict that happy and satisfied customers lead any business to the pinnacle of seeing off the competitors. The UI/UX designers’ job is to understand its importance and deliver unique graphical designs with the latest and trending technologies to enhance user experience. Positive reviews on the App Store and PlayStore will boost the conversion rates and increase the number of target customers.

Hiring Experienced UI/UX Designers

For any business or startup aiming to develop a cross-platform app, Android, or iOS app, they must prioritize the UI/UX design part. It is standard practice for all businesses to clear off the competition with unique mobile app design and development.

Summing up

Therefore, the first step is to consult a top mobile app design agency and explain your business goals due to the above factors. You can benefit from ideation, design sprint methodology and creative workshops specifically focused on the business goals to design, develop, and deliver a meaningful digital product or system.

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