Before starting, let’s have a glance at the below numbers:
  • The US B2B eCommerce is likely to reach new heights with a whopping business of around $1.8 trillion by 2023.
  • Nearly 95% of all purchases are likely to be made via eCommerce by 2040.
  • 56% of Gen Xers and 67% of Millennials prefer doing online shopping over in-store shopping.
These findings aren’t just mere numbers. One thing that’s for sure is that these numbers reflect the quick-evolving eCommerce landscape. In these times, don’t just survive, but thrive in the retail space. You can do this by creating a great looking eCommerce store to keep pace with retail’s changing face. It’s apparent; many big business groups chose Magento as the first-class eCommerce platform to develop their websites. They belong to various industries ranging from food, fashion, and beverage to electronics, all seem to be very balanced with Magento. What are the reasons that drive these well-known global enterprises to select Magento as the fitting choice to serve millions of customers over the years? And what are the reasons that will guide you to choose Magento among dozens of other platforms? You will find the answer to these queries below.

Leverage The Power Of Magento

By offering great design templates, interesting plug-ins, and lots of possibilities for upgrading, Magento is a clear winner when building conspicuous eCommerce platforms. Here’s a list of 6 features that make Magento the right choice for your eCommerce sites:


The developers love the fact that Magento is available as an open-source. It possesses a free Community version and a paid Enterprise version. It’s easy for the developers to easily customize, modify, and extend the source code to optimize features and functions. It’s also easy to access a vast library of modules from Magento Marketplace, enabling them to step up their Magento game in no time. Moreover, Magento also has full adaptability with installing extensions to fulfill business demands and enrich customer experience instead of interfering with the source code. Accordingly, Magento business has full control over what to do with their websites, or how to optimize or modify to meet their requirements and proactively adjust other management activities to serve their own needs. Compared with Shopify, Magento Community Edition is free for you to download and customize, while Shopify charges you monthly fees with different versions.


Magento is highly secure and is renowned for being the most trusted platform. It offers the highest level of security guarantee. It is a platform that restricts data infringement. With the help of multiple security plug-ins in Magento, developers block threats, strengthen passwords, identify limitations, offer two-factor authentication, scan vulnerabilities, verify files, and manage the admin panel efficiently. It’s easy to use security components like SSL certificates and PCI compliance with Magento. In brief, the security protocols in Magento are top-notch, making it suitable for a risk-free user experience. Magento has got a security center that continually provides users with every piece of information about security, security patches, security updates, and practices, as well as quick support in need. The reason is that Magento contains many built-in features without having to take the risk of installing additional extensions. Therefore, Magento creates a perfect security system to fulfill business requirements and thoroughly protect websites from internet attacks, hacking, and so on.

Multi-Store and Language Support:

One of the advantages of working with Magento is that it supports multiple stores, multiple languages, and various currencies in a single framework. As a result, entrepreneurs get to broaden their reach and cater to different customer groups worldwide. Store owners using Magento can draw potential customers located in other regions, which helps them improve their business efficiency and boost their market share.


According to research, 50% of online sales will be via mobile shopping by 2021. Hence, it is evident that a mobile-ready site is vital for your business growth. Magento is the ultimate e-commerce platform that provides high mobile-friendliness in this digital era. It is ideal for creating attractive and visually-enhancing mobile apps by offering well-optimized APIs. Adding to it, streamlined checkout processes, seamless integrations with payment gateways, responsive themes, and out-of-the-box templates in Magento make this framework perfect for boosting conversion rates. It is convenient for the customers to go shopping or experience all Magento websites on mobiles without worries about display or purchase issues. Everything on the desktop is adequately customized and optimized with the mobile interface. Hence, when the whole world seems to be drawing towards mobile shopping or mobile reading, Magento plays a more and more significant role in improving customer experience by offering store owners a multi-responsive website across all devices.


You can get colossal freedom and flexibility to design your sites as per your business preferences, thanks to the Magento extensions. Some of these include ‘one-page checkout’ and the capability to display products in both the list view and the grid view mode. It’s effortless to add more extensions related to Marketing, Inventory, and Order Management, depending on your business needs, and enhance the operational value.


It’s essential to understand the preferences and identify potential leads to track your customers. For this, you can easily integrate Google Base, Google Analytics, and Google Checkout. You can extract comprehensive reports based on product sales, order and payment preferences, and other customer data to give your marketing strategies new heights.

The Magento community is Amazingly Wonderful!

It incorporates the idea of ‘coopetition,’ which is a blend of ‘cooperation’ and ‘competition.’ The global community of Magento developers shares its industry expertise, knowledge, and skills at forums and events. Meetups and conferences held by the community worldwide around this framework are quite informative. Other platforms can’t keep pace with it as the energy and momentum it provides are unmatchable.

Summing Up

If providing your customers with an end-to-end online shopping experience is your aim, then choose Magento. You can multiply your potential audiences and sales through your eCommerce business. With Magento, be assured of experiencing flexibility, scalability, and extensibility at your fingertips. You will have to use it to believe it.

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