Cost Per Click

The cost per click segment of our service in which the user will be directed to your website once the ad is clicked. We will provide a number of marketing models on various websites and these will showcase the ad of your business venture. It’s exciting as well as thrilling! So, be a part with the Deedok Phenomenon and grow exponentially in terms of business prospects. These organic ads are a sure shot result marketing technique which are bound to deliver positive result on your business plan. Your flight of fancies will get wings once you get a cost per click from Deedok.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

  • 1. Browse Our Directory Of Participating Sites And Use Our Keyword Tool To Target The Ones That Are Appropriate For Your EBay Item(s).
  • 2. Choose Your Geographical Targeting, To Only Show Your Ads To Users From Specific Locations.
  • 3. Set Your Max Bid And Budget.
  • 4. Choose Any Of Your EBay Items.
  • 5. Your Ad Is Created Automaticaly.
  • 6. Your Ad Runs On The Categories You Have Selected.